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CopperTouch Product Disclaimers

Please Read and Pay Special Attention to the following:

CopperTouch does not claim to prevent, treat, mitigate, diagnose, or cure coronavirus disease, or to eliminate exposure to any infection or disease.

Studies proved that copper will kill a wide range of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses on surfaces and the hands.

*Allergies and Reactions:

Do not use CopperTouch products if you have Wilson’s Disease or other metal or copper allergies.

If you use a chemical based copper cleaner, be sure to rinse well so it does not irritate your skin.


The EPA concluded that tarnish does not reduce the effectiveness of copper against germs. The change in color is natural and called Patina. As long as the Copper piece is free of debris, it will continue to be effective . If you would like your copper to remain shiny, you can clean your CopperTouch piece with the chemical free home recipes provided or with a store bought copper cleaner. With all cleaners, be sure to rinse the product thoroughly after cleaning and rub with a soft cloth.

Check back often, as information will be updated as new products are launched.


**Science review provided by DeVries & Associates.

CopperTouch, LLC © 2021. All Rights Reserved |

CopperTouch, LLC © 2021. All Rights Reserved |