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At A Glance

Not Many Products Can Truly Claim To Last A Lifetime.

The Sani-Bar* and Sani-Disc* are two that will.
Even if scratched or dented, they will never lose potency, never need replacement parts, never need an operating system upgrade!

Buy it once – Use it for a Lifetime!

Our Mission

To harness the power of antimicrobial copper by developing products that can enhance the health of individuals of all ages using them.

To develop products that will lead to improved health outcomes for anyone in their daily conflict with disease carrying microbes.

About Us

The Story of CopperTouch

Inspiration can come out of nowhere and no matter where you might be at that “right” moment. The Story of CopperTouch is about how Our Inventors took a story about copper keeping water clearer in ancient times, researched its possibilities and discovered exciting information that will lead to new applications for this shiny metal. They turned that the information from that simple story into a beautiful hand held product that could be carried with people to help them ward off germs naturally. A simple, convenient and natural product aimed at keeping people healthier.

*Patent Pending

CT about us

A Good Company Is Built On Things That We Believe In

Dedication, Connection and Integrity


Located in the heart of Minnesota, we are a small company that prides itself on our work. Our staff works together as a family to come up with the best ways to bring you good quality products that will continue to bring you satisfaction for a lifetime.


Science and technology have helped us develop leading edge products with copper. While we look to the future, discovering unique ideas that create goodness and promote health, we remain steadfast on good old fashioned customer service. When you call CopperTouch, you get a real person that is ready and willing to connect with your needs. Our devoted team is ready and willing to help you in any way we can.


We believe that what we say we will deliver, gets delivered. We put our hearts into our mission and strive to bring the best products we can to the consumer.


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About Us

CopperTouch, LLC © 2021. All Rights Reserved |

About Us