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We truly hope that our products provide all that our customers come to expect after purchase. There are often things you need to know if you’re on the fence about whether or not to actually spend your money on certain items.

We are here to help, before, and after you shop with us. With that in mind, here are what we have found to be the most popular information requests. Didn’t find your answer here? No worries. Email us at in**@co*********.com

Does CopperTouch kill the coronavirus?

A study done in Germany on copper infused cloth showed kill of coronaviruses. A report by IFL Science references a report by Dr. Sarah Warnes, (a leading researcher on bacteria and viruses) of the University of South Hampton, shows that copper kills coronaviruses including SARS and MERS.
Because we do not have access to the actual COVID-19 corona virus cells, we cannot make a 100% claim that it will kill this specific virus, however, we do feel that from research and the manner in which copper kills germs (including bacteria and viruses) CopperTouch™ will be effective in killing it.

What types of germs does it kill?

CopperTouch™ will kill or destroy most common germs such as E.coli, MRSA (pronounced mersah) and VRSA (pronounced versah), Norovirus, Salmonella and Listeria as some examples.

How does it work?

When a germ comes in contact with copper, the copper causes the outer membrane of the germ to rupture. Once ruptured, the germ’s cell contents interact with the copper and their function is destroyed, thus killing the germ.

Will this product really kill germs on my hands ?

The friction created by rubbing the CopperTouch on the skin escalates the germ killing process as opposed to “Petri dish” type results. Lab testing results indicate that the effect starts in seconds and the microbes die within about a minute. Independent Laboratory Testing revealed that 94% of the microbes will be dead within 60 seconds.

What is CopperTouch™ made of?

CopperTouch is made of 99.9% Antimicrobial copper. It is not a liquid or a gel.

Why isn't CopperTouch™ 100% copper?

The remaining .01% is oxygen (in the form of cuprous oxide) that is very difficult and unnecessary to remove. As a matter of fact, when your CopperTouch is being used, the copper will pick up a bit more oxygen to form the copper patina, which scientists have determined enhances copper’s effect against microbes. Unless it is a contaminant of concern, copper product manufacturers have no need to go through the process of producing 99.999999% pure material (nothing is ever 100%; sugar comes pretty close).

Is CopperTouch™ solid or hollow?

The CopperTouch Sani-bar is hollow, leaving it light-weight but strong enough to withstand normal use and to carry with you anywhere. It is in the size and shape of a small bar of soap. The CopperTouch Sani-disc is shaped like a large coin. It is solid copper, slim and sleek, yet light enough to carry in your pocket.

Where is CopperTouch™ made?

Our products are manufactured by FACI, Bolingbrook, IL.

So do I still need to wash my hands with soap and water?

CopperTouch™ is NOT meant as a total replacement for hand washing, however,  when it is not readily accessible, your chemical-free CopperTouch can be. So the answer is Yes.  Washing hands is very important. The water running over your hands will wash away dirt, germs etc.

Does CopperTouch™ kill all viruses?

In all of CopperTouch’s research of the available literature (and the literature is quite extensive) on the antimicrobial properties of copper, we have not found any report or reports of bacteria, a yeast, or a virus that copper does not kill.

Well, why can't I just use a bunch of pennies?

Pennies are now (and have been for a while) only 2.5% copper and the balance is 97.5% zinc. Also, there is the aesthetic appeal and convenience of our Sani-Disc and Sani-Bar products.

Why is CopperTouch™ more quickly effective?

While it is true that certain germs can live on various surfaces for hours and even several weeks, it is imperative to read thoroughly the scientific data, rather than to hastily jump to erroneous conclusions. The critical key to CopperTouch™ functioning so well is that fact that you move it around your palms and between your fingers which are relatively dry. If you placed it in your palm and simply held it in place, it would take much much longer to kill the germs. The agitation of the copper moving in your relatively dry palm and fingers is that you are continually rolling over the microbes again and again. The copper ions emitted from the metal require the microbe to be extremely close as they move in for the kill. The conductivity of copper is harnessed as this “fatal attraction” takes place. The copper ion essentially punctures the outer membrane protecting the microbe and its ability to live. When the membrane is punctured—death comes quickly. And most likely, during the rolling and rubbing sequence in your hands and fingers, each microbe may get hit by more than one copper ion which accelerates and triggers the death knell.

Can you get too much copper?

It is true that excessive copper in the human system can be problematic, however, the excess copper will come from ingestion, i.e. drinking acidic beverages stored in copper containers, or perhaps prepared in copper containers, taking an excess of copper supplements, accidental poisoning with copper salts. Solid copper transfers little if any copper to the skin by rubbing. In its solid form, copper is basically inert so transfer does not occur. So avoid ingesting excess copper salts, but you do not have to worry about copper by contact.

How do I use the Sani-Bar or Sani-Disc?

Instructions for Use:

Rub hands for at least one full minute. As you would when washing with soap and water, get in between and tips of fingers, palms and the backsides of your hands. Do not use if you have Wilsons Disease or allergies to metal. Lotion or other coatings of skin can stand in the way of copper’s antimicrobial effect on germs.

Is it necessary to sterilize it after use?

Because of its inherent microbe killing properites, (including bacteria and viruses) the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that copper is self-sanitizing, meaning; copper sterilizes itself. Test results by the EPA and independent labs show that dangerous germs just don’t survive on 99.9% copper.

Will the salt in perspiration affect the antimicrobial properties on my CopperTouch™??

When CopperTouch is cleaned with lemon juice and salt, the salt is all rinsed away after cleaning, so fresh clean copper is applied to the skin the next time the CopperTouch is used. There is no longer any salt present.

In the case of perspiration, the concern is not the salt in the perspiration. When perspiring, the body also releases small amounts of oils that might transfer to your CopperTouch™. Generally, rubbing CopperTouch™ in the hands is sufficient so that the copper is still in contact with microbes that might be present. To avoid having an oil layer build up that might interfere with the product’s performance, wiping with a clean cloth, or cleaning CopperTouch™ per the instructions provided will ensure direct copper contact.

What comes with the Sani-Bar/Sani-Disc?

Your CopperTouch product comes in a velvet carrying pouch with a soft cleaning cloth; included cleaning case, and various recipes for chemical free cleaning options. A brochure with the research science is also included that explains how and why it works.

What can I use to clean my CopperTouch™?

Copper naturally tarnishes which will not alter its capabilities. It can be cleaned quickly and easily with simple solutions of water and vinegar; water, lemon juice and salt; ketchup, or a store bought cleaner. We have provided you with a case to clean it in.

Will CopperTouch™ stay shiny?

Copper naturally tarnishes. Its natural discoloration will not inhibit its antimicrobial properties. If you would like the copper to shine like the day you receive it, we have included a cleaning case and recipes for natural cleaners that are chemical free.

Where can I get CopperTouch™?

We’ve made it easy to purchase our products. You can connect with our CopperTouch team for information, or to order at 833-4-NOGERMS (833-466-4376) or you can email us at in**@co*********.com. U.S and Canadian customers may order CopperTouch safely and securely here on our website, . All other International customers, please follow this link.

Where do I call if I have problems with CopperTouch™?

CopperTouch™ Customer Service at 651-674-0212. Our team is happy to help!

Can I return it if I don’t like it?

If you are not satisfied, return your CopperTouch™ product within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

What are the sizes?

The CopperTouch Sani-bar is 4.9×1.5×6.7 cm (2 5/8” x 1 15/16” x 5/8″) The CopperTouch Sani-disc is 5.4 cm x 3mm (2 1/8” x 1/8”).

Where can I find more in-depth information?

For studies and stats on copper, hard science, and why CopperTouch™ products work, read the facts here, or search the web.

CopperTouch, LLC © 2021. All Rights Reserved |

CopperTouch, LLC © 2021. All Rights Reserved |